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What Is Acai Juice?

Posted by maddymish on December 1, 2009

Acai juice is known for many beneficial factors, and many attribute their fantastic health to acai juice. Although there is no rock solid, hardcore evidence, such as extensive scientific studies, that acai juice is truly beneficial with long term usage. Many people wonder if  Acai juice can benefit health in the ways that it is claimed to. Many people swear by this “amazing” product, so I wanted to a quick review of the claims made. It will ultimately be up to the consumer to judge for them selves if acai juice is actually improving their health, and if in fact there are any acai juice benefits.


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The Oh-So Many Claims of Acai

Posted by maddymish on November 11, 2009

Some of the many attributes people give to acai juice are:

 Weight loss
 Better Vision
 The ability to seek and slow the process of dangerous cancer cells.
 More energy
 Better sexual stamina
 It’s ability to fight off infection and sicknesses
 An acne remedy
 Anti- ageing abilities
 Better focus
 Improvement of blood circulation
 Ability to detoxify/cleanse
 Bone strengthening

This is a short list of the claims people attribute to acai juice, although many sell it only as a weight loss supplement or a natural detoxifier. It is also commonly sold as and energy enhancer.

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Finding The Truth About Acai

Posted by maddymish on November 10, 2009

Now that you know the benefits that people claim by using or during acai juice, what you would probably like to know id there is any proof behind such claims. If you surf the web, you are going to see thousands of pages that claim they lost 30 pounds with acai juice, and they may even have some pretty impressive looking before and after shots to show off. And in the back of our minds, we know it’s probably all a hoax, but we are only human and will commonly give into the temptation to buy. That is easily setting yourself up for disappointment. But there is a way to find true reviews of the acai juice product…Those would be the reviews where no one is trying to sell you a product. The ones trying to push consumers to buy acai juice are going to make sure that to you the proof of its abilities is right in front of you, and they will make sure it looks incredibly tempting.

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Healthy Acai

Posted by maddymish on November 9, 2009

There is no denying that acai has great potential health benefits, as it contains some amazing nutritional properties. But many times acai juice is sold as a product that is “magical” in a sense or a “medical wonder”. While acai juice is not a cure all product, acai can be beneficial in a daily diet just because of it nutritious content. If you are looking to buy acai juice for other reasoning such as weight loss, energy, or as a body cleanser, just beware that you are likely not going to receive the results as promised. And if you do, that’s great too!

To learn more about specific acai juices, click this link.

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